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The Goals for this Group are to supply you with daily uplifting and inform you on things. Also it's a place where we can get together to share our stories of our lives, as we are the one's who live with this Digestive Distress. Granted some physicians you come across are unbelievably sympathetic to our needs, but they don't always have the knowledge that someone who lives with GI disorders day in and day out does.



The Intended Format for this GROUP goes like this: (note right now I am in school so amidst this and work it's making it difficult to do everyday) But I will continue to try!!!!


Medication Monday- I will put some info. out on some form of GI medication, and also my experiences.

Motivation Monday, Movement Matters Monday are some other topics I will discuss on Monday's.


FOOD For Thought Tuesdays- this is just whatever I want to put out there; whether it's a fact, or something Religious, or something thats relevant to the week we are in and where we live.



Humpty Dumpty Symptom Wednesday- this is where I will think of some symptom we can discuss and feel free to put your input on what you have discovered as well.



Tell the Truth Thursday- this is where I enlighten you about myself, as I want to try and connect with you on a personal level.



TGIF: This maybe a recap or whatever I want to be thankful for that happened to me this week..and feel free to share what your thankful for as well.



The Motto here is "Because I Care", and I am not being Fake at all, I really do!!!!!

Contact Information

Greater Richmond G.I. Support

Mary Berger; Founder, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Jillian Chilson, Social Media Coordinator


Francine Kerber, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist


Jane Geracimos, Outreach Coordinator



Business Hours

-Mary's contact- 804-382-6810

Available on request.  Just call and leave a Message if I don't answer.


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If you have questions we are here for you.  Just reach out through email or Call Mary. 




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