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Things to Look for In a Medical Practitioner

When choosing a Medical Practitioner we all need to be a little Picky. 


In fact, finicky could even be the word I want to use. We all know children who are finicky about their food, right? I don't like that or I'm not going to eat that. Ring a Bell!


Choosing a physician is kind of like the same thing. After all you want to develop a Partnership with your Physicians not just a Dictatorship by the Physician. You essentially want one that will listen and give advice based on what you say, not just have their mind made up when they walk in the room.


We hire physicians because we are paying them a fee for service. You also have the right to fire your physician as well, if you are not happy with the way things are going.


There are some instances when choosing a physician may be hard like emergency medical care, you just have to trust that they know what they are doing. Another thing is Hospitalists on the surface it may seem you have no control over that but in reality there are patient advocates you can contact to help you switch if you are not satisfied with your care.


Another good way of finding a physician is word of mouth advertising. If you ask friends, relatives for names of doctors I am sure they will put in their 2 cents.


Lastly, on this topic I am going to say you want the Pretty Flowers amongst the weeds. They are sometimes hard to find, but they are out there.


My Flowers in this area are:


 See the page on Information/Links for their websites and information. (Hopkins is not on here currently but not hard to find on Internet)


Primary Care:  Dr. Aaron Hartman at Family Practice Associates but I use him under his Integrative/Functional Medicine Practice.


GI: Dr. Howard Haverty (Think FINE as in Haverty's Fine Furniture, except He is top notch)


Specialist Motility GI #1: Dr. John Clarke from Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center (think of the Clark Bar- sweet all the way around)- he is now located at Stanford Medical Center.


Neurogastroenterologist- Dr. Pankaj Pasricha from Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center (was told he likes to uncover the why behind the reasons)- as well as devotes a lot towards Research into GI Motility Disorders.


Motility GI now- Dr. Robert Bulat at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center- His bedside manner is impecable!!


Surgeon for My Pacemaker: Dr. Amy Rose with Surgical Associates of Richmond ("Roses are Beautiful")



Hemo/Oncologist: Dr. Will Voelzke from Viginia Cancer Institute (empathetic listener and good at explaining things for you to understand)




You DO have a Choice in Healthcare so Choose Wisely!!

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