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Greater Richmond G.I. Support

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This page is to promote awareness fundraisers and campaigns for all of my GP family who have this disorder.


Do you know someone with it? Do you know that giving them a t-shirt alone with something about Gastroparesis will let them know you are honestly thinking about all they are going thru? Sometimes all they want is some compassion and sympathy...and some hand holding.


So take my advice, this will help those moments when you don't have anthing else to say, or know what to do for them. Show you support them in this illness and part of the fight for better drugs/choices to battle it.






GP Awareness Campaigns


Take A Bite 4 GP.....Please support for the passing of bill HR 2311


Contact Information

Greater Richmond G.I. Support

Mary Berger; Founder, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Jillian Chilson, Social Media Coordinator


Francine Kerber, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist


Jane Geracimos, Outreach Coordinator



Business Hours

-Mary's contact- 804-382-6810

Available on request.  Just call and leave a Message. She will get back with you.


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If you have questions we are here for you.  Just reach out through email or call Mary. 




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